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BBQ Grill Mats for Outdoor Grilling (Set of 2) with Bonus Baking Sheet - No Mess Cooking on Any Type of Grill, 15.75 x 13 inches, Heavy Duty Grade, Safe to 500 F, Easy to Clean, Nonstick, Reusable

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Man grilling perfect BBQ
Alpas Life 2 Grill Mats and bonus baking mat
Heavy duty safe to 500F and easy to clean grill mats

Want to up your BBQ grilling game? After just one use, you will wonder how you ever grilled without these nonstick barbecue grilling mats. Enjoy juicy meats, fish and veggies, all with the mouth-watering grill marks you expect. Cook your food to perfection with the black BBQ grill mats and tan baking mat, and spend less time cleaning up afterward.

Makes a great gift for the grilling enthusiast! – Now you can use your favorite sauces and marinades without having them drip through the grates. Your grill will last longer with no more drippings to gunk it up. Just wipe these BBQ grill mats clean with soap and water, or place them in the dishwasher. You’ll never need to scrape food residue off your grill again.

Durable Material is Built to Last – We didn’t skimp on quality like you find with the cheap options. The optimal .20 mm thickness delivers perfect performance on any type of grill made by any brand. The bonus baking mat is slightly thinner at .12 mm. All three mats are a generous 15.75 x 13 inches and easy to trim with a scissors into any shape.

Environmentally Responsible and Safe – These reusable premium barbeque grill mats and baking mat are made of heat-resistant material with none of the nasties (no PFOA, no silicone, no harmful chemicals), which means your family and friends will be safe.

Nonstick Reusable Baking Mats for Oven, 2 tan and 2 black multi-purpose oven mats, 15.75 x 13 inches, Oven Protectors, Oven Liners, Trim to Fit Any Size or Shape, Use in Any Type of Oven or Dehydrator

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Woman happy with easy clean up after baking
Alpas Life non stick oven baking mats
fun baking with mother and daughter

Tired of scrubbing and soaking your baking pans? Alpas Life nonstick baking mats and oven mats mean no more scraping food from metal pans, so you can spend more time doing what you love. While many other nonstick oven mats used for baking cannot be trimmed to fit your favorite pan, you can easily cut our reusable oven and baking mats to size. These mats are NOT made of silicone, but rather a food-safe, non-stick material you can safely cut with a pair of scissors to meet your needs.

Save time and money - Use both sides of this 4 piece set as a multi-purpose kitchen tool. Your package includes 2 black and 2 tan reusable nonstick oven mats can be used over and over again in your oven, toaster oven, microwave, freezer, dehydrator, even as oven liners and crafting mats. No need for parchment paper. Make baking simple with Alpas Life non-stick oven mats for baking.

Great Value for Your Money - The durable non-stick oven mats are 15.75 x 13 inches big, food-safe, and PFOA-free. They are large enough to fully cover most baking pans with the versatility you want. The material won’t curl like parchment paper and are better for the environment because you can use them over and over.

Premium Quality and Safe - The ultra-thin design creates an advanced heat distribution system for perfect food crispness. Safe to 500 degrees F, these oven mats can be used as a reusable baking pan liner, by themselves, or as an oven protector liner spill guard. Try them with your next pizza right on the oven grate to produce the perfect crust.

Wood and Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set With Holder, Utensil and Lid Rest, Durable Cooking Tool, Premium Natural Beech Wood Handles, Specially Designed Rest for Utensils and Pot Lid

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utensils set and free oven baking mats special
woman in kitchen with favorite tools Alpas Life
alpaslife premium wood and silicone kitchen utensil set
alpas life kitchen utensils

Cooking is fun with these essential kitchen helpers. Enjoy mixing, flipping, stirring, and serving with this set of the most essential silicone utensils you will ever need. This core cooking tools set includes: deep soup ladle, spatula, slotted spoon, solid spoon, slotted turner, pasta server, plus an easy-to-grasp, non-slip large container and handy utensil and lid holder. (Pot lid for illustration purposes only)

Enjoy a neat cooking area for easy cleanup - The nonstick high-quality food grade silicone heads of this kitchen utensil set are easy to clean by hand in warm soapy water for best results. Simply wipe under warm water to keep your wood and silicone cooking utensils tools at their best. Save time and keep your countertop clean by using the quality utensil and lid holder.

Premium design – The non-corrosive, food safe silicone heads are heat resistant to 446 degrees F. These flexible, silicone-coated cooking utensils won’t scratch your non-stick cookware, helping your pots and pans last longer. These non-staining utensils are environmentally responsible. The comfortable, easy to hold beech wood handles also have a hanging loop on the end of each utensil.

Great Value for Your Money - Crafted from the finest quality materials, this utensils set is built to last a lifetime. Keep your countertop clean when cooking and baking with the specially designed utensil and lid holder. These strong utensils will not melt, lose their shape, or produce smoke or odor when cooking. Each utensil provides a perfect balanced weight and elegant design, making cooking fun.

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Ultimate Health and Wellness CD Gift Set


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CD gift set

SAVE MONEY - This CD set contains all of the popular guided meditations offered by wellness expert Bonnie Groessl for significantly less than they cost separately.

ENJOY IMPROVED PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING - Who doesn’t want to feel better and be happier? The guided meditations in this 4-CD set are designed to help you sleep better, relax and deal effectively with stress.

DISCOVER HOW TO LEVERAGE YOUR MIND – Learn to link the strengths and desires of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and your body for ultimate happiness.

4 GREAT TITLES IN ONE SET –This gift set includes:

“Restful Sleep” - Soothes you into a restful night’s sleep.

“Relax” - Eases stress and anxiety

“Meditation for Busy People” - Allows you to experience the many benefits of mindfulness.

“Weight Loss” - Recruits your subconscious mind to choose fresh, healthy and nutritious foods and lose weight.

GIFT-GIVING FLEXIBILITY – Give the set as a gift, or use the individually wrapped CDs for multiple gift-giving.

*You can also purchase these as individual CDs, Mp3 downloads or streaming. Search Bonnie
Groessl and the name of the CD on Amazon.com

Premium Restful Sleep System – Sleep Mask, Guided Meditation CD, Neck Pillow, Earplugs, Gift Box


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Restful sleep system

IDEAL TRAVEL ACCESSORY – Perfect for anyone who struggles getting to sleep and staying asleep, travelers, and shift workers

SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED – Small magnets in the mask enhance sleep while blocking out light to help you wake up feeling refreshed

GUIDED MEDITATION – Turn off your brain with the help of Bonnie Groessl’s popular “Restful Sleep” audio (CD and free download!)

NECK SUPPORT – In a chair or for travel, the inflatable neck pillow eliminates neck strain

BLOCK OUT SOUND – Comfortable earplugs prevent external noises from affecting sleep (includes carry case)

No other sleep system on the market contains the combination of effective sleep-promoting products like this one. Many people have found Bonnie Groessl’s “Restful Sleep” guided meditation CD alone to be of great benefit. You also get a link to a free MP3 download!

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