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Bonnie Groessl Alpas Life

Hi, I’m Bonnie Groessl. My passion for organic gardening and sustainability goes back to my childhood. I grew up on a three-generation dairy farm in Wisconsin. As a child, I spent time with my grandma in the garden, learning how to work with Mother Earth.

I realize now that our family was living a sustainable lifestyle before sustainability was a thing. When times were lean and there wasn’t enough money to buy food and feed the family, we had always beef, chicken, eggs, milk, all kinds of vegetables, berries and apples to keep our bellies full. My grandma made the best bread and jams to top it off. There was rhubarb, strawberry, apple and dandelion wine for the adults.

Life is different now with advances in technology and the family farm is a thing of the past, being consumed by corporate farms. Many people today are interested in learning to work with Mother Earth again. If that’s you, the site is for you. I invite you to explore the information here and discover how easy it is to get back to basics and live sustainably.

We are a family-owned business based in the small city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Like you, we lead busy lives and value products that promote health, make our lives easier, and honor Mother Earth.

Alpas is a Filipino word that means to become free or break loose. To us, Alpas Life symbolizes living a healthy life with ease and joy. The Alpas Life mission is to cultivate a culture of wellness and help build a brighter tomorrow.

 Owners Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl